The Origin of Microgravity Man - Part 3

Microgravity Man, as he calls himself, dons a unique and symbolic costume. The "ug" stands for microgravity, a term that is used to define the state of near weightlessness.. The lightning bolts symbolize his origins from that fateful day...
and the stars on his mask represent his quest for truth and knowledge. In his quest to benefit all, he is aided by Microchip, a reminder of that fateful day when he received his powers. Somehow, that freak storm brought a spark of life into an otherwise ordinary computer chip.
Microchip is of invaluable use to Microgravity Man. He is exceptionally skilled in data processing and retrieval. He also serves as a "watchdog" for Microgravity Man.

Microgravity Man , when not fighting villains or averting crises, is a NASA scientist involved in many outstanding projects.

And that, my dear friends, is the interesting tale of the origins of Microgravity Man.

The artwork and layout were done by Marissa McGann and Anne Burke, two high school students who where part of NASA Lewis' SHARP program during the summer of 1997.

The Origin Of Microgravity Man
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Artwork and Layout by Marissa McGann and Anne Burke.

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