The Origin of Microgravity Man - Part 1

Microgravity Man has been seen all around Ohio, at schools and amusement parks, spreading the word about Microgravity. However, have you ever wondered how he came into being. Well, here is the story...

Several years ago, a strange thing happened... A mild mannered NASA scientist was preparing for a test in the drop tower facility... When, to the dismay of the scientist, a strange and supernatural storm broke out!
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, an iridescent bolt of lightning struck our beloved scientist. Our hero was stunned for a moment, But after finding himself essentially unharmed,
He focused his attention to the system which had gone haywire after being struck by the lightning bolt. The system was out of control, and our researcher was in a daze. But then he initiated the test sequence causing the apparatus to drop to the bottom of the 24m drop tower.

The Origin Of Microgravity Man
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Artwork and layout by Marissa McGann and Anne Burke.

Last Updated: Oct. 29, 1997
by Nancy Rabel Hall