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spacehab in cargo bay
Mike Anderson
LSP-2 / Mike Anderson
A dramatic photo taken during STS-107 of the SPACEHAB module in the Columbia cargo bay, with the Earth's horizon visible at the top.
STS-107 crew member Michael Anderson carefully installing the lid on CM-2's Combustion Chamber.
STS-107 crew member Michael Anderson installing the LSP-2 Experiment Mounting Structure into the CM-2 combustion chamber.
crew reference card
Kalpana Chawla
mist mounting structure
Crew member Laurel Clark reaching for the LSP-2 Soot Temperature Integration Time Determine card, which is floating in front of the CM-2 rack. The crew used this reference card to make adjustments to the soot temperature camera.
Crew member Kalpana Chawla at the CM-2 and using a hand-held microphone to talk to members of the ground team at the Payload Control Center.
Crew members Kalpana Chawla and Ilan Ramon unpacking the Mist Experiment Mounting Structure from its protective foam packaging.
mist mounting structur
crew members
crew and EMS
Crew members Kalpana Chawla and Ilan Ramon installing the Mist Experiment Mounting Structure into the Combustion Chamber of the CM-2.
Crew members (from the left) Kalpana Chawla, Ilan Ramon and David Brown posing in front of the CM-2 (the Mist EMS is partially inserted into the CM-2's Combustion Chamber).
Crew members Kalpana Chawla and Ilan Ramon working on the Mist EMS while David Brown takes close-up photos of their work.
griund team members
ground team members
ground team
Key participants in the LSP-2 experiment celebrating the success of the experiment during the STS-107 mission. From the left, David Urban, the LSP-2 Project Scientist; Ann Over, the CM-2 Project Manager; and Gerard Faeth, the LSP-2 Principal Investigator.
The SAMS-FF/PIMS team at work in the Payload Control Center at Johnson Space Center. From front to back, Greg Fedor, SAMS-FF/PIMS engineer; Ron Sicker, Project Manager; and Ken Hrovat, a PIMS engineer.
ground team
Ann Over / Karen Weiland
Dave Urban
The "front row" CM-2 ground team at work during the midnight shift.
Ann Over, the CM-2 Project Manager (left), and Karen Weiland, the SOFBALL-2 Project Scientist, monitoring the progress of SOFBALL-2 in the Payload Control Center.
David Urban, the LSP-2 Project Scientist, sharing news about the experiment's success with colleague's at NASA Glenn Research Center.
Payload control center
ground team
ground team
These are three screens that personnel in the Payload Control Center monitored during the flight of STS-107.
In a rare moment, all three CM-2 shift leads -- Ann Over, David Frate and Hector Dominguez -- meet to discuss LSP-2 operations with David Urban, LSP-2 Project Scientist and Gerard Faeth, LSP-2 Principal Investigator (seated, right).
Mist scientists and engineers watching ground displays as they await the results of a Mist Fire-Suppression test.
Additional Resources
Pre-Flight Gallery

Shuttle and International Space Station Images:

The Shuttle Columbia nears the launch pad
The launch of Columbia
The SPACEHAB module in the open cargo bay
A drawing of the shuttle showing experiment locations
The International Space Station
An astronaut space-walking outside the International Space Station


CM-2 Images:

Final preflight testing of CM-2
CM-2 being installed in the SPACEHAB module
CM-2 in the SPACEHAB module
CM-2 and major components identified
NASA Engineers inspecting CM-2
Astronaut Voss opening the combustion chamber


LSP-2 Images:

Photo of soot particles taken during a previous mission
Laser image of soot produced by a flame
Comparison of a laminar jet diffusion flame in 1g and microgravity
Various LSP flames photographed during STS-83
An LSP flame and soot sampler bank during STS-83
The LSP-2 Project Scientist and astronauts during training
The LSP-2 Experiment Mounting Structure
Astronaut Crouch inserting the LSP-1 MS during a 1997 mission


SOFBALL-2 Images:

Flames balls recorded by a camera with an image intensifier
Two astronauts practice inserting the SOFBALL-2 EMS into CM-2
Astronaut Voss pointing at flames balls during STS-94
A color-enhanced image of flames balls
The SOFBALL Experiment Mounting Structure
An image of the first flames balls recorded during orbit (STS-83)


Mist Images:

Images of a flame traveling through the Mist tube
Color-enhanced images of a flame in the Mist tube
A Mist flame during 1g testing
A schematic of the Mist Experiment Mounting Structure
The Mist EMS
Mist Co-Investigator Dr, Angel Abbud-Madrid instucting astronauts


CVX-2 Images:

A close-up of the oscillator and electrodes
A cutaway of the CVX-2 test cell
A view of the CVX-1 in the shuttle's open payload bay


SAMS-FF Images:

The triaxial sensor head
The control and data acquisition unit
The triaxial sensor head and fiber optic gyroscope




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