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STMD / Technolgy Demonstration Mission Projects

The Technology Demonstration Missions are bridging the gap between need and means, between scientific and engineering challenges and the technological innovations needed to overcome them, between laboratory development and demonstration in space.

Charged with proving revolutionary, crosscutting technologies — ones that could radically advance NASA’s mission in space and reap untold benefits for science and industry here on Earth — the Technology Demonstration Missions program seeks to mature laboratory-proven technologies to flight-ready status.

Once a technology is proven in the laboratory environment, the program becomes its bridge from ground to flight testing. System-level technology solutions are given the opportunity to operate in the actual space environment — where they gain operational heritage, reduce risks to future missions by eliminating the need to fly unproven hardware and continue NASA’s long history as a technological innovator. These cutting-edge technologies will allow future NASA missions to pursue bolder and more sophisticated science, enable safe and rewarding human missions beyond low-Earth orbit and enable entirely new approaches to U.S. space operations.

Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer – As part of U.S. National Space Policy, NASA is seeking an innovative path for human space exploration, which strengthens the capability to extend human and robotic presence throughout the solar system. NASA is laying the groundwork to enable humans …    More information…

Solar Electric Propulsion – The Solar Electric Propulsion project is dedicated to developing critical technologies to enable trips to further away destinations such as Mars or asteroids.  NASA needs to reduce the cost of these ambitious exploration missions.  High power and high efficiency SEP systems will …    More information…

Green Propellant Infusion Mission – The Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) is sponsored by the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate as a technology demonstration mission.  The objective is to advance the technology readiness level of a green propulsion system, specifically by demonstrating …    More information…