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STMD / Small Spacecraft Technology

The Small Spacecraft Technology program serves to develop new technologies and demonstrate new capabilities to be infused into future missions with small spacecraft.  The program will work closely with operational flight and science research organizations to identify advanced technology needs and potential new applications. Planning for infusion of new technologies and capabilities into operational spacecraft and missions will be an important factor in project selection and implementation.

The Small Spacecraft Technology Program has three primary objectives:

1. Identify and support the development of new subsystem technologies to enhance or expand the capabilities of small spacecraft. The program seeks to develop subsystem technologies that are new and revolutionary in their impact, rather than incremental improvements of existing subsystems.

2. Support flight demonstrations of new technologies, capabilities and applications for small spacecraft. The program seeks to demonstrate technologies that are new and capabilities that have not previously been demonstrated in space.

3. Use small spacecraft as platforms for testing and demonstrating technologies and capabilities that might have applications in spacecraft and systems of any size. The program seeks to contribute to the full range of NASA’s science and technology challenges, where initial demonstrations with small spacecraft can reduce the cost, risk, complexity or time required to advance the state-of-the-art.

All efforts will focus on technologies and capabilities that are relevant to NASA’s missions in science, exploration, space operations and aeronautics including those with crosscutting applications for NASA and other users.