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The mission of the Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) Project is to implement a flexible and extensible ground segment that will allow the Space Network (SN) to maintain high levels of service in the future, accommodate new users and capabilities, while reducing the effort required to operate and maintain the system.

The SGSS Project has the responsibility to refurbish the existing SN Ground Segment, which involves implementing a new extensible, flexible, and scalable ground terminal architecture. Two ground stations at the White Sands Complex in White Sands, NM, and one in Guam will be refurbished and a new ground station in Blossom Point, MD will be built. First implemented in 1983, the TDRSS hardware and software at these stations are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to sustain and maintain. This poses substantial risks to the highly reliable service that has been provided for over two decades to NASA and its customers.

SGSS will sustain the SN by providing highly available services to NASA customers, and will be adaptable to attract new customers with higher service demands than the current system can provide.


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