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Mission Commitment Office

SCaN Customer Service Portal (CSP)
The main purpose of the SCaN Customer Service Portal (CSP) is to provide a primary access point for potential users to find information/request SCaN services and for user missions to interface with the SCaN Mission Commitment Offices (Networks Integration Management Office (NIMO), Deep Space Commitment Office (DCO), and SCaN HQ.
The scope of the SCaN CSP is for initiating mission commitment from missions to the various network offices (Near Earth Network (NEN), Space Network (SN), and Deep Space Network (DSN) in a secure environment.
• Providing service information to potential customers through a public information site
• Creating and planning missions with respective network integration managers (NIMs (Network Integration Managers for SN, NEN networks) or MIMs (Mission Integration Managers for DSN network)).
• Exchanging completed documents for different agreements
• Completing an online Mission Information Questionnaire to set up communication with the networks through Mission and Mission Commitment Office sites and collaborative applications.
The CSP functions as a single access point for the mission commitment process and service planning. This specifically includes secure access to:
• Service Planning Information and applications
• Work space for all Service Planning-related documentation
o Public Site used by potential users for publicly-available information to learn about the SCaN services available and to begin the Mission Commitment Process to request services.
o Mission Sites for use by Authorized Mission Users to collaborate with MCO in planning their missions.
o MCO Sites for use by MCO (NIMs (NIMO) and MIMs (DCO) offices to collaborate with Authorized Mission users.
o MCO Admin Site for managing Portal-wide and Network-wide data.
o Custom Sites: Capability to create custom sites for a variety of other uses such as Proposals or Small Sat.
Development of the SCaN Customer Service Portal has been a collaborative effort between the Glenn Research Center (GRC) SCaN Development Team and Joint Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Development Team with input from the Mission Commitment Offices and SCaN HQ. Many applications have been developed to provide customers, MCO, and SCaN HQ additional capabilities to aid in the Mission Commitment Process and their collaboration.
The Customer Service Portal (CSP) is currently in the beta test stage and is on track to be deployed in late 2016.


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