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Ka-Band Relay

Ka-Band Figure 1

Figure 1. Space Network Ka-Band Relay.

grey arrow The Ka-Band TDRS relay is the second of three deliverables for the CTS project with architecture similar to the first deliverable (S-Band Relay).

grey arrow The Ka-Band Relay is a stand alone system used for end-to-end testing, it provides the ability to interface and operate a Space Radio with the Space Network (over TDRSS).

grey arrow A “set and lock” Device Under Test Interface (DUTI) provides the necessary amplification or attenuation of receive and transmit signals to establish the expected signal power ranges between the device under test and the relay system.

grey arrow Anticipated on-orbit G/T and EIRP levels of the DUT can be achieved by attenuation adjustments in the relay system.

grey arrow A Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows the operator to control and monitor the relay system to record status, set configurations, manage antenna tracking, execute tests and perform measurement functions.

grey arrow The Ka-Band Relay is designed to be ‘transparent’ between the DUT and SN.