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Compatibility Test Set

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• Produce a test set that performs compatibility, interface and end-to-end testing of user radios operating over the SCaN infrastructure.

GRC Scope:

• NASA GRC is developing a Compatibility Test Set (CTS) to verify RF and Data Link compatibility, interfaces and enable end-to-end testing of user radios with the Space Network (SN) at S and Ka-Bands.

CTS Mission Context:

The CTS will be connected to the space radio, referred to as the Device Under Test (DUT), during pre-flight testing via an RF interface. This RF interface is for the forward (radio receive) and return (radio transmit) paths. The CTS will provide sufficient emulation of the Space Network (SN) communications interface and functions to enable compatibility testing of the DUT without accessing the operational SN. Compatibility testing consists of running a DUT-specific suite of communication tests to verify that the DUT can operate within the operational parameters of the SN. End-to-end testing of space radios will be enabled by the CTS RF TDRS Relay capability. During end-to-end testing the CTS relay will provide the necessary functions and capabilities to relay signals to/from the DUT and an on-orbit Tracking Data Relay Satellite (TDRS).

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Compatibility Test Sets (CTS) Videos

This Week at NASA (9/7/2013)

Compatibility Test Sets featured at 2:42 On This Week @NASA

This Week at NASA (7/16/2013)

A video showing the Compatibility Test Sets (CTS) Team in action and a statement from Tom Kacpura, CTS’ Project Manager.

Compatibility Test Sets (CTS) Information

GRC Project Manager: MSC/Thomas Kacpura

Chief Engineer: DT/Janice Romanin

Safety Mission Assurance Lead: QE/Don Hilderman

NASA Customer: Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD)\Space Communications and Navigation Program (SCaN)

Key Contractor(s): OAI, ASRC-Vantage, DB Consulting Group, Inc.