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What We Do

We provide space communications and navigation engineering products and reports throughout the entire NASA life cycle, support exploration, science, human space flight, and commercial missions as well as the SCaN program. We support SCaN’s mission to coordinate multiple space communications networks as well as network support functions to regulate, maintain, and grow NASA’s space missions.


The SCaN Summer Intern Project (SIP) is a 10-12 week experience during the summer where students perform hands-on training with real mission scenarios, gain exposure to powerful communication systems and networks software tools, and design and analyze space communications systems and networks. Students are introduced to space communications systems and networks knowledge and practices through their participation in the program over several summers.

Each year, as the students’ engineering knowledge matures, their corresponding NASA activities and training increase in complexity. Students are gradually exposed to NASA space communication networks by modeling, simulation and design methods and tools. As they gain experience, they work on hands-on experiments in specialized areas of space communication and navigation.

After completing the multi-year internship process, students are positioned and ready for co-op work or to be brought on as a new hire supporting space communications at NASA. Students work closely with our experienced Program System Engineering Team (PSE) as mentors who work with the students year round to provide guidance and support throughout students’ NASA training and collegiate education.