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SCaN Testbed Overview

NASA/Harris Ka-band Software Defined Radio wins R&D 100 Award

Video survey taken of the SCaN Testbed in its installation on the ISS (August 28, 2013).

A video giving the SCaN Testbed potential context within NASA and SCaN missions.

This Week at NASA (07/27/2012)

Coverage of SCaN Testbed Launch at 3:58.

SCaN Testbed Team Video

This video shows the build-up and testing activities of the SCaN Testbed, focusing on the team activities and the SCaN Testbed project team.

ISS Robotic Arm Grappling Simulation Video

This is a simulation video showing the sequence of robotic arms that will grapple the SCaN Testbed from the EP-MP pallet and install us on the truss of the ISS.
(Credit: Integrated Graphics Operations and Analysis Laboratory (IGOAL) – part of JSC org ER7 – Simulations and Graphics Branch.)


This Week at NASA (2/21/12)

Coverage of SCaN Testbed Media Day and Shipment at 7:10.