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A lengthy article appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and on-line at describing the current and future work at the Glenn Research Center (GRC) in the area of Colloids and Additive Manufacturing (3D printing). The Dr. William Meyer was interviewed by the new chief Sabrina Eaton. The article was published on December 15, 2017 as part of the press released pertaining to the SpaceX-13 launch. See:


Could space research offer new hope for cancer patients?

A_GrattoniThe nano age and space age have converged in a partnership that could usher in a new era of hope for cancer patients.

Like the advent of modern anesthesia and its impact on surgical research in the 19th century, a major research project aboard the International Space Station for the newly-created Houston Methodist Center of Space NanoMedicine could deliver major results. “We are on the verge of something big,” Alessandro Grattoni, director of the Houston Methodist Center of Space Nanomedicine, told “It could change the way chemotherapy is delivered.”   Read more…