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ISS & Human Health Office

image-converted-using-ifftoany-2Physical Science Research Program (PSRP) – NASA’s Physical Sciences Research Program, along with its predecessors, has conducted significant fundamental and applied research, which has led to improved space systems and produced new products offering benefits on Earth. NASA’s experiments in the various disciplines of physical science, reveal how physical systems respond to the near absence of gravity. They also reveal how other forces that on Earth are small compared to gravity, can dominate system behavior in space. The International Space Station (ISS) is an orbiting laboratory that provides an ideal facility to conduct long-duration experiments in the near absence of gravity and allows continuous and interactive research similar to Earth-based laboratories. This enables scientists to pursue innovations and discoveries not currently achievable by other means. NASA’s Physical Sciences Research Program also benefits from collaborations with several of the ISS international partners—Europe, Russia, Japan, and Canada—and foreign governments with space programs, such as France, Germany and Italy. The scale of this research enterprise promises new possibilities in the physical sciences, some of which are already being realized both in the form of innovations for space exploration and in new ways to improve the quality of life on Earth.

Human Research Program (HRP) – Ensuring the health, safety, and effective performance of astronauts is critical to the human exploration of space. NASA Glenn Research Center’s Human Research Program (HRP) plays a vital role in providing solutions to critical problems that place human exploration missions and their crews at risk. Glenn’s efforts are accomplished in support of the Johnson Space Center, which leads NASA’s Human Research Program. Glenn’s efforts, which began in October 2001, are currently focused on three projects: Exercise Countermeasures, Digital Astronaut, and Exploration Medical Capability.

International Space Station (ISS) – NASA’s Glenn Research Center is playing a significant role in the development and safe operation of the International Space Station (ISS). Glenn’s contributions involve several tasks that support key flight hardware including the design, development and operations of the Electrical Power System (EPS), Plasma Contactor Unit (PCU) system, and Photovoltaic Thermal Control System (PVTCS). Glenn also provides support for the analysis activities of the ISS Environments Team and investigates safety issues to promote propulsion system safety.


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