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Program/Project Integration Office

The Program/Project Integration Office (MB) is responsible for developing integrated schedule and resources baseline plans, monitoring performance against those plans, and working with project managers on corrective actions as needed; assessing project performance using earned value management; developing and implementing internal and external customer agreements; and tracking the status and implementation of major procurements.  The Office executes these responsibilities for all Space Flight Systems projects and at an integrated Directorate level.  The Office is also responsible for Directorate quality management and business operations management systems.


GRC’s Strategic Goal 3

Program/Project Management Excellence (PPME)

Goal 3: Deliver Program and Project Management Excellence that results in successful missions for our customers and challenging, long-term assignments for continued achievements.


Goal 1 Key Outcome Measure The Needle We’re Trying to Move Position to Win the Future Improvement Strategic Initiative for the Center
3. Deliver Program and Project Management Excellence That Results in Successful Missions for Our Customers and Challenging, Long-Term Assignments for Continued Achievements • Rebuild the GRC project portfolio, optimized across all the NASA mission directorates and other customers, focused on the GRC core competencies. • Implement and continuously improve Program/Project Management Excellence (PPME) processes, tools, training, metrics, and governance.• Establish partnerships that enable the capture of new work in non-traditional areas for GRC (including facility utilization).


Goal 3 Strategic Improvement Initiative:

Implement and continuously improve Program/Project Management Excellence (PPME) processes, tools, training, metrics, and governance.

Jan-Feb-Mar Apr-May-Jun Jul-Aug-Sep Oct-Nov-Dec
1.Develop, review and approve Resource Loaded Schedules for 90% of FY12 SFS portfolio.2.Define 2012-13 GLPR/Toolkit training plan.3.Define PPME Toolkit future architecture and implementation roadmap.

4.Conduct 7120.5 Tailoring Tool requirements mapping workshop.

5.Activate SFS Portfolio Management via Enterprise Server Environment.6.Update RLSs for PPBE‘14 planning cycle.7.Support Center AS9100 Rev C certification.

8.Complete development of all PPME Toolkit data translators to legacy GRC tools/systems.

9.Complete development of 7120.5 Tailoring Tool release

10.Utilize Server Environment to support PPBE’14 planning for Mission Days, PRD loads, Service Pools definition, and FTE/WYE demand.11.Achieve bi-weekly GLPR/Toolkit training class cadence.12.Collect best practices examples and lessons learned from recent SFS projects.  Post on PPME Toolkit. 13.Activate prototype online Management Dashboard for SFS project budget and schedule status reporting.14.Complete remaining GLPR development, review & approval.15.Continue lower tier GLWI development.

16.Complete Pre-IBRs for all FY12 new start SFS projects.