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As part of the NASA activities at the amusement parks on Physics Day, NASA personnel conduct a Space Trivia Game.

The interactive game features trivia questions projected on a large viewing screen. Game Show staff present the questions to the audience who respond using remote control units. Contestant scores are presented in a Mars game format utilizing racing rockets. The winner lands on Mars, top scoring participants are awarded prizes

Here's an example of some of the questions that may be presented during a NASA space trivia game. Click on the red question mark when you think you know the answer.

Who was the first person in spacequestion one

Who was the first American woman in spacequestion 2

When was the first rendezvous between two manned spacecraftquestion three

Who is often considered the "father of modern rocketry"question four

Who made the first U.S. spacewalkquestion five

What is the smallest planet in our solar systemquestion six

Where is the Sea of Tranquilityquestion seven

What is the name of the largest volcano in the solar systemquestion eight

The NASA Space Trivia Game was played at Glenn Research Center during open house.

NASA Space Triva Game at Glenn Research Center


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