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Welcome to NASA Glenn's Amusement Park Physics Page

NASA Glenn will be participating in Math and Science Week at Cedar Point but only during the days of May 15-16, 2013.

Many amusement parks open their doors to physics teachers and their students for the opportunity to test the physics that they learned in their classrooms. For over twelve years, NASA Glenn and Plum Brook Station researchers and engineers have been attending physics days at local amusement parks to help students discover how their experiences on amusement park rides simulate some of the effects that astronauts experience when they travel into space.

NASA Glenn Research Center in collaboration with The National Center for Space Exploration Research on Fluids and Combustion (NCSER) developed the middle school guide for educators and students, "Amusement Park Physics with a NASA Twist."

The NASA Physics Day program may include the "Picture Yourself in Space" photo booth, a Space Trivia Game, education workshops, and NASA personnel to explain the space connection in the physics of park rides.

Our Amusement Park Physics Days Programs may include:

  • Microgravity Man and His Friends
  • The NASA Glenn Aerobus featuring NASA Space Trivia
  • Full-scale inflatable Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
  • “Marble Run” Roller Coaster Challenge
  • Aerodynamic Wing Lift Activity
  • Picture Yourself in Space Photobooth
  • Launch and Crewed Systems
  • Radioisotope Power Systems
  • Educational Demonstration Stations


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