Microgravity Activities

Microgravity Educational Products
Courtesy of SpaceLink.

Hands On Demonstration:
Weightless Water: An experiment you can do at home
Courtesy of Microgravity Man

Reduced-Gravity Demonstrator
Contains related classroom demonstration descriptions, directions, and notes.
Courtesy of Dennis Stocker and Howard Pearlman.

The IDGE Visitor Center Drop Tower

Microgravity Math
Courtesy of Dennis Stocker.
Microgravity Science Laboratory-1 Ground Cyber-Laboratory at NASA MSFC

Dropping In a Microgravity Environment (DIME)
A high school student team drop tower experiment competition.

Space Experiments Module (SEM)
Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program (RGSFOP)
NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP)
NASA Space Life Sciences Outreach
Space Life Data Archive
SAREX - Shuttle Amateur Radio Experimentharpo5
Educational Space Simulations Project
Challenger Center for Space Science Education
Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

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Kevin McPherson

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