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NASA Careers Poetry Contest

Girl Scouts (ages 8-17) are challenged to submit their poems about women who work for NASA. You, too, can become an engineer or a scientist and utilize your mathematics and computer skills in an exciting career. In the future, this web site will help girls to investigate the role models of NASA’s engineers and scientists, including the 23 career astronauts who were former Girl Scouts. A NASA patch and certificate will be offered to Girl Scouts who create and submit a poem about pursuing a career in science and technology.

Write your poem about a career in a technical field using your science, engineering and math skills. Or base your poem on the life and career of a specific person you learn about through this site or other sources. Learn about research and technology and the women who make it possible. Share your poems with others! Consider new possibilities for your future!

Poems selected by the 315 Girl Scout councils will be posted on the project web site.

This contest is planned, but not yet approved by NASA Headquarters!

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Author: Nancy Hall
NASA Official: Dennis Stocker
Last Updated: August 29, 2016