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Girl Scout Astronauts

Have you ever wanted to journey into space? Over twenty of NASA’s career astronauts were former Girl Scouts.

As a result, former Girl Scouts have flown on at least 40 of the first 114 Space Shuttle missions. That’s more than one third of the missions!

Have you ever wanted to spacewalk? The first American woman to spacewalk was a former Girl Scout, Dr. Kathryn Sullivan.

NASA refers to a spacewalk as an ExtraVehicular Activity or EVA for short.

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Barbara Morgan, a former Girl Scout, used to be an elementary school teacher, but was selected as NASA’s first Educator Astronaut and is now preparing for spaceflight on STS-118.

Have you ever dreamed about being at Girl Scout meeting in space? Several Space Shuttle missions, beginning with STS-40, have included two career astronauts who were former Girl Scouts.

Have you ever wanted to fly a spaceship? The first American woman to command a Space Shuttle was a former Girl Scout, Eileen Collins.

Have you ever wanted to live in space? Former Girl Scout Susan Helms was the first woman to serve as a crew member on the International Space Station.

Have you ever considered becoming an astronaut? Former Girl Scouts, Serena M. Auñón and Kathleen Rubins were selected as an astronaut candidates in 2009.

NASA has a great deal of information available about how you can become an astronaut.

Most NASA astronauts are Mission Specialists or Pilot/Commanders, and are usually military jet pilots with advanced education in engineering, or have a doctorate in medicine, engineering, or science. The Commander and Pilot fly the spaceship while the Mission Specialists conduct experiments, operate the robotic manipulators, and go on spacewalks. Nearly half of the Girl Scout astronauts served in the military before becoming astronauts.



Metcalf-Lindenburger, Dorothy M. (Mission Specialist)
Morgan, Barbara R. (Mission Specialist)

Engineers and Pilots

Collins, Eileen M. (former astronaut)
Currie, Nancy J. (NASA manager)
Davis, N. Jan (former astronaut)
Helms, Susan J. (former astronaut)
Higginbotham, Joan E. (Mission Specialist)
Hire, Kathryn P. (Mission Specialist)
Kilrain, Susan L. (former astronaut)
Lawrence, Wendy B. (former astronaut)
Magnus, Sandra H. (Mission Specialist, ISS Flight Engineer)
Nowak, Lisa M. (former astronaut)
Stefanyshyn-Piper, Heidemarie M. (Mission Specialist)
Voss, Janice E. (NASA manager)

Medical Doctors

Cagle, Yvonne D. (NASA manager)
Clark, Laurel B. (deceased)
Fisher, Anna L. (Mission Specialist)
Seddon, Margaret Rhea (former astronaut)


Jernigan, Tamara E. (former astronaut)
McArthur, K. Megan (Mission Specialist)
Sullivan, Kathryn D. (former astronaut)
Thornton, Kathryn C. (former astronaut)
Weber, Mary Ellen (former astronaut)

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Author: Nancy Hall
NASA Official: Dennis Stocker
Last Updated: August 29, 2016