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Additional information about the 2.2 Second Drop Tower at the NASA Glenn Research Center is available. A description of the drop tower in text and pictures is available there.
(Bear in mind that some of the detailed information on the Drop Tower pages is not applicable to DIME and WING teams.)

A YouTube channel has been established for DIME and WING. That channel contains more videos that illustrate the drop tower and a few of the previous experiments constructed by DIME teams. If you have a YouTube account, subscribe to the DIME page!

If necessary, turn on closed captioning.

A Destination Tomorrow video taking you behind the scenes at the 2.2 Second Drop Tower. This is the drop tower where DIME experiments are operated.

Here is the NASA What is Microgravity? descriptive page. Linked from that page, there are related video clips, such as microgravity fluid physics and combustion science. Play the video here

If necessary, turn on closed captioning.

Possible support by your state’s space grant consortium

The NASA-supported space grant consortium in your state may be able to support your team during your participation in DIME. A directory by state is maintained on the WWW of all the space consortia across the country. Eligibility for DIME is nationwide, so consult that list for the consortium in your state, DC, or Puerto Rico.


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