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There are many people who work together to make DIME a successful program.

The following DIME staff personnel are some of the people you will communicate with if you are selected to participate in DIME.

  • Nancy Hall – DIME Project Manager
  • Dick DeLombard – DIME Staff
  • Dennis Stocker – DIME Staff
  • Arela Leidy – DIME support Staff
  • Diane McElwain – DIME Curriculum Specialist

In addition to the DIME staff personnel above, there are engineers and scientists who review and evaluate the DIME proposala. Some of these engineers and scientists become the DIME mentors for teams and communicate with the teams, providing guidance to the teams, ensure the teams’ experiments are built safely and will be able to conduct the experiments the team wants.

Finally there is drop tower technician, Rich Koptis who will control the equipment that will load the DIME experiments into the drop package and will drop your experiments on the 8th floor of the Drop Tower. Additional technicians may support him during DIME Drop Days too.


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