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Past Teams

Who has won the DIME competitions?

DIME participation in the past has been coast-to-coast.

2010/2011 DIME Tier I teams from Fredonia, Wisconsin; Troy, Michigan; Coconut Grove, Florida; and Toledo, Ohio.

DIME Tier II teams from Goffstown, New Hampshire; Lone Tree, Iowa; Northbrook, Illinois; and Coconut Grove, Florida

2009/2010 DIME Tier I teams from Tualatin, Oregon; Plattsburgh, New York; Northbrook, Illinois; and Toledo, Ohio.

DIME Tier II teams from Houston, Texas; Troy, Michigan; Northbrook, Illinois; and Columbus, Georgia

DIME Tier III teams from Washington DC; and Troy, Michigan (3 teams).

2007 to 2009 DIME was on a hiatus due to lack of funding.
2005/2006 Teams from Tualatin, Oregon; Cincinnati, Ohio; Northbrook, Illinois; and Bay Village, Ohio.
2004/2005 Teams from Tualatin, Oregon; Columbus, Georgia; Northbrook, Illinois; and Troy, Michigan.
2003/2004 Teams from Miami, Florida; Akron, Ohio; Troy, Michigan; and Cincinnati, Ohio.
2002/2003 Teams from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Troy, Michigan; Cleveland Heights, Ohio; and Cincinnati, Ohio. (first nation-wide year)
2001/2002 Teams from Bay Village, Columbus, and Cincinnati (two teams), Ohio.
2000/2001 Teams from Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. (DIME pilot year)


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