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The basic steps of this team competition are:

  1. Form a team of appropriately aged students with at least one adult advisor
  2. Research microgravity science and develop a research question
  3. Prepare and submit a proposal according to the guidelines and rules in the DIME Program Announcement. (see below)

After NASA selects the winning proposals:

  1. If selected, the team designs and builds their experimental apparatus
  2. The experiments are sent to NASA Glenn in advance for safety inspection
  3. Four students and one adult advisor from each selected DIME Tier I team come to NASA Glenn for DIME Drop Days in March to operate their experiment in the drop tower
  4. Data is sent to each team after their experiment is operated
  5. Each selected team prepares a final report and submits it to NASA

The basic DIME information is contained in three documents that may be downloaded from these links:

  • The DIME Program Announcement contains all of the necessary information for submitting entries to the DIME high school team competition. New version for DIME 2012 installed on August 31, 2011. Discard any previous versions.
  • The DIME Educators Resource Guide contains assistance for educators and team advisors for the topic of microgravity. The steps for developing an experiment and proposal are outlined with suggestions for producing a polished proposal.
  • The DIME Experiment Design Requirements document contains the guidelines, requirements, and constraints for designing a DIME team’s experiment apparatus to successfully operate in the 2.2 Second Drop Tower. (The WING Program Announcement contains this information for WING experiments.)


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