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Venus Upper Atmosphere Investigations
Science and Technical Interchange Meeting (STIM)
January 24, 2013 at the Ohio Aerospace Institute

Duration: 1 Day - January 24, 2013 (8:00am - 5:00pm)
Location: NASA GRC
Participants: All welcome, required are experts/representatives in the topic areas shown
Website: Registration and informational website will be online soon. Address is:



  1. Foster a science discussion on goals, objectives, priorities, and significance of the Venus upper atmosphere and how Venus upper atmosphere science would contribute to overall exploration of Venus.

  2. Discuss the desired measurements and measurement requirements to achieve potential Venus upper atmosphere science

  3. Discuss spacecraft concepts and technologies that could reach the Venus UA and collect and return the desired data
Draft Agenda:
Introductions, review purposes and expected results Kremic (15-20 min)

Science case for upper atmosphere (UA) science (2.5 hrs) 

Limaye (2.5 hrs)
  - What we know and need to understand/Decadel   Crisp  
  - Contribution to overall Venus exploration goals and relative priority of UA science Glaze  
  - Comparative Considerations    

Science Implementation

Rodin (2 hrs)

- Measurements needed


- Types of instruments, durations,
(In-situ – identify species e.g. MEMS chemical sensor, gas chromagraph, TBD names)


Investigation characteristics

Kremic (2 hrs)

Systems and vehicle concepts to maneuver in Venus UA


- Entry highlights

Verkatapathy 15 min

- Operating Environment

Nott 15 min
    - Balloons Hall 25 min
    - Planes/UAV Landis 25 min
    - Hybrid/Other Polidan 25 min
    - Overall Summary / Questions   15 min
  Material includes characteristics - (expected life in UA, trajectory, available power, comm.)    

Summary and Next Steps

  (1 hrs)

- Recap

Limaye & Kremic

- Identify topics requiring further study and recap technology needs

  - Outline for VeXAG report  

Opportunity to tour Glenn Extreme Environment Rig (GEER) afternoon of Jan. 23rd