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Planetary Science Technology Review Panel Final Report, July 29, 2011
The Planetary Science Technology Review Panel Final Report Summary




A Thorough Review of PSD Technology Development

• PSD created a panel to take a thorough review of it’s technology development projects and recommend process and policy changes to improve effectiveness and performance

• The panel provides recommendations on the “how” while the decadal will provide specific technologies to be invested.

Primary Objective:

Assist PSD in developing a coordinated and integrated technology development plan that will better utilize technology resources

Expected Products

•Final report that contains data collected or generated by panel, community meeting notes and suggestions, findings, and recommendations
•Several presentations summarizing work and results to be presented at planetary science community venues

Brad Perry
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James Singleton Photo
James Singleton
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Peter Hughes
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Tibor Kremic Photo Tibor
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Patricia Beauchamp
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John Clarke
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Dr.Ralph D. Lorenz
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