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Announcement Background The mission of the NCSER is to perform critical path research in fluids and combustion to support NASA’s space program and related national initiatives, increase awareness of microgravity research and enhance its scientific, technological, educational, and economic impacts and to support the development of enabling technologies for space exploration. As NASA returns the shuttle to flight and works towards completing the International Space Station it is also preparing for its greatest venture yet: the human exploration of the moon, Mars and the nearer asteroids. Establishing a long-term human presence beyond low-earth orbit places stringent demands on spacecraft systems that supply power and propulsion and provide human life support. The challenges facing NASA are dominated by energy, air quality, water, astronaut health and food. As it strives to meet these challenges, NASA’s human space exploration program will invigorate engineering research and development in this country. Furthermore, there is tremendous potential to develop new approaches to engineering education as younger scientists and engineers become engaged in the quest to extend the boundaries of human presence in space through research programs at universities and at NASA Centers.
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