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Recent Events

sts-95 mission patch
Successful Space Shuttle mission, STS-95 (the John
Glenn flight) Oct. 29 - Nov. 7th, 1998. SAMS-FF supported a Hubble Space Telescope related experiment called HOST in the Shuttle cargo bay. Acceleration data was collected to help HOST engineers determine vibration and isolation
characteristics of a cryogenic cooler system planned for installation on Hubble. For more information, including mission data, see our HOST Mission web page

Contact Information:

SAMS-FF NASA Project Manager:
Ron Sicker
NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH 44135
(216) 433-6498

PIMS Project Manager:
Kevin M. McPherson
NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH 44135
(216) 433-6182

Contractor Project Lead:
Tom Kacpura
(216) 977-1057



NASA Glenn Research Center Home Page
Microgravity Measurement and Analysis Project (MMAP)



What is SAMS-FF?

NASA's Glenn Research Center has developed an innovative space acceleration measurement system, the SAMS-FF for free-flyer spacecraft. This new system offers a customized, modular hardware and service package to industry, university, and government scientists, both U.S. and international, who need microgravity (µg) data on orbital disturbances within their experiment and the spacecraft environment.
The system is configurable for short duration and long duration flights, 15 minutes to several weeks.


  • Acceleration and Roll-Rate measurement capabilities

  • Smaller, lighter, more flexible, and more power efficient than its predecessors

  • Standard interface for "stand-alone" acceleration sensor head operation - connect to any computer serial port

  • Choice of data storage mediums

  • Real-time data access when a telemetry downlink is available (just as it was with its predecessor, the original SAMS)

  • Custom system configurations for special needs (such as additional sensor heads) easily accommodated

  • Post-mission data processing available through the PI Microgravity Services data-analysis team

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Responsible NASA person:
Kevin McPherson

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